Strict lockdown: until the end of the pandemic, politics must adapt legal requirements for home offices to reality!

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The DHV appeals to the federal government and the federal states of Germany, at the decision on a tightened lockdown, to relieve the legal regulations for home-office work from bureaucratic obstacles at least for the duration of the pandemic, and to implement the planned improvements in the regulatory accident insurance protection as soon as possible in! Companies are demanded to enable home office work under the pandemic conditions!

Working from home under pandemic conditions should be carried out by mutual agreement between employees and employers, because it is in the interests of both parties. Currently, many employees and companies who practice home-office work are in a legal gray area. There are numerous violations of occupational safety and health regulations, which are not sanctioned because politics, employees and companies expressly want home-office in this extraordinary pandemic situation, but which could well create potential for conflict if violations are punished! This also applies to the regulatory accident insurance: Bringing and picking up children to / from day-care / school is currently not covered by regulatory accident insurance. Even accidents on the way to the toilet and kitchen are currently not covered. The federal government has recognized this loophole and wants to apply the regulatory accident insurance protection with the proposed law for these cases.

The DHV calls on politicians to review the existing legal regulations for working from home as soon as possible! As soon as possible, i.e. in the next few days a decision must be taken concerning the planned improvements to the regulatory accident protection! It is also necessary, for the period of the pandemic, i.e. until the middle of the year, to structure the sometimes strict requirements of occupational safety and health law in such a way that home-office work can be carried out as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible under pandemic conditions and does not take place in a legal gray area!

DHV main board
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Henning Röders,
Federal Chairman

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