Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC)

The Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) is a national labour union that promotes and protects the interests of workers in construction, mining, social services, health care, emergency services, transportation, retail, education, hospitality, and manufacturing.

CLAC was founded in 1952 and has its roots in the Christian social movement. It applies principles of social justice to labour relations and fosters workplace communities based on mutual respect, dignity, and fairness. CLAC promotes the workers’ right to freedom of association and a cooperative, partnership model of labour relations.

CLAC Foundation

The Christian Labour Association of Canada has been providing financial aid to workers around the world for over thirty years. Recently, it established the CLAC Foundation to expand its efforts and ability to aid struggling workers and their families.

The CLAC Foundation funds training for tradespeople in areas hit by natural disaster; provides aid to workers suffering dangerous working conditions; helps workers in Canada prepare to re-enter the workforce; and raises awareness about issues affecting workers around the world. Its vision is to assist in restoring positive, healthy, and cooperative workplace communities for workers in need within Canada and abroad.

The details of the CLAC Head Office are as follows:

CLAC – Christian Labour Association of Canada
45 Commerce Court
Cambridge, ON N3C 4P7

Phone: (+1) 905-812-2855
Fax: (+1) 905-812-5556

Contact: Mr. Wayne Prins – Executive Director

Executive Leadership

  • Executive Director – Mr. Wayne Prins
  • Ontario Director – Mr. Ian DeWaard
  • Prairies Director – Mr. Dennis Perrin
  • British Columbia Director – Mr. Kevin Kohut
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