Farewell Günther Trausznitz

Günther Trausznitz has been president of the European Organization of the World Organization of Workers – EO/WOW (formerly the European Organization of the World Federation of Clerical Workers – EO/WFCW; now WOW-Europe) for almost 14 years. He was elected as president of the European Organization during the congress in Medan in 2004. With his election he also became vice-president of the WFCW (WOW since the congress in Malta in 2008). His first meeting as European president was on 6 December 2004 in Brussels, Belgium.

Günther is a trade unionist who truly upholds the Social-Christian principles. Principles which are very dear to both him as well as for the World Organization of Workers. Gunther put a lot of effort in the WOW. Always feeling extremely responsible. Through his work he has been able to change the lives of many people.

After 14 years it is time for a change. Günther frequently said that he wanted to spend more time with his family. This is a wise decision. Everyone should try to enjoy the most important thing in life. And that is family. His daughter, Hannah Lea, is still quite young and it is important to spend a lot of time together. This was not always possible while working for the FCG/GPA-DJP and the WOW.

The WOW is grateful for all the years he was willing to spend on the development of the organisation. We thank him for all he has done and wish him all the best!

About WOW

WOW was founded as a Social Christian trade union and finds inspiration in the spiritual believe that man and universe were created by God or by persuasions coinciding with that. The increase of intercultural contacts provided opportunities for the WOW to expand and broaden its view with visions of other religious backgrounds. WOW does so in a joint attempt to build a world community based on freedom, dignity, justice and solidarity.

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