ANP rejects threats to journalist in Monsefú

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The National Association of Journalists of Peru (Asociación Nacional de Periodistas del Perú – ANP) denounces and rejects the threats of which the journalist Erwin Uceda Erson Huertas, news anchor of “Libertad de Prensa” (“Press freedom”) of Radio San Juan de Monsefú (Lambayeque) is victim.
Since a number of weeks the journalist has been giving repeated complaints regarding insecurity in his area, reflected in an increase in acts that harm the population of Monsefú.

Also, together with his reporting, the journalist makes a call to the authorities responsible for law enforcement (municipalities, police and civil organizations) to undertake appropriate actions to solve the problem, questioning their inaction concerning these facts.

This has led to an anonymous making threatening calls to the journalist referring to his integrity and his family, stating: ”f you do not shut up something is going to happen”.

Huertas Uceda already made the complaint with the Division of Criminal Investigation (División de Investigación Criminal – DIVINCRI) of the National Police of Peru (PNP) from Chiclayo, hoping for this police entity to address this sensitive case.

ANP expresses concern about these facts and questions the act of the material and intellectual authors of the threatening calls. It also calls on the DIVINCRI to conduct an effective job in identifying those responsible. No journalist should be the victim of persecution, threatened or harassed because of their work.

Source: ANP

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