ANP demands compliance with fundamental labour rights

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The possibilities of developing the practice of decent work in the field of social communication were discussed in the course of the two first regional assemblies, scheduled for the present year by the National Association of Journalists of Peru (Asociación Nacional de Periodistas del Perú – ANP).

Both in the conferences carried out in Trujillo and in Chincha, both of which could count with the participation of the provincial associations of the departments of La Libertad, San Martín, Ica, Ayacucho and Apurímac, it was discussed with the same interest related to the professionalization and training of journalists and communicators in the context of the technological changes that today dominate the world of information.

The conception of the Internet as a communication platform and its influence on the transformation of journalism and the journalist’s professional profile, constituted one of the most discussed aspects, given the reality of the country, where there exists precarity to share through this technological means.

Within the range of the work agenda, the leaders representing more than two thousand journalists in the said regions, noted that another big problem is constituted by the presence of elements, having nothing to do with journalism, making improper use of the information of public interest, by resorting to reprehensible practices, to the detriment of the concepts of truth, objectivity, and accuracy as essential qualities of the informative news.

In terms of decent work they specified that, there leaves much to be desired with respect to the fulfilment of labour standards that protect the work of the press. About the matter they pointed out that it is not decent the work that is carried out without respect for the principles and fundamental labour rights, as well as,neither that which does not allow a fair and proportional income for the effort, without gender discrimination or otherwise, or that is carried out without social protection, nor one that excludes the social dialogue and the tripartism.

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