ANP closed its XXVII Ordinary National Congress with the election of a new leadership

The glorious National Association of Journalists of Peru (Asociación Nacional de Periodistas del Perú – ANP) successfully closed its XXVII Ordinary National Congress of Journalists Cajamarca 2021, called “Roberto Mejía Alarcón” that was held virtually this year due to the covid-19 pandemic.

At the trade union meeting, that brought together journalists from all ANP bases throughout the country, the new National Executive Committee was democratically elected for the 2021-2024 period, which will be chaired by Zuliana Lainez Otero, accompanied by José Manuel García Sosaya as Vice-Presidency and Renzo Chávez Lescano as General Secretary.

During the XXVII National Congress of the ANP, social communication workers from all over the country remotely debated fundamental issues for democracy and social communication in the country such as new threats to freedom of expression; right to information and journalistic ethics; Telework; legal regulations and future of press workers; social protection and cooperativism; new responses to the crisis from the collective, as well as political, trade union and sectoral action of the ANP in the face of the challenges of the new economic; socio-labour and professional context.
The ANP bases in the same way chose the location of its next Ordinary National Congress that will be held in the city of Pisco in 2024.
The brand-new president of the ANP expressed, after swearing in her position and taking an oath to the new National Executive Committee for the period 2021-2024, that the ANP is an intercultural and fighting institution, since that is the historical role that corresponds to it.

“We are dialoguing, but we also have our own voice,” she said.

Zuliana Lainez guaranteed, on the other hand, that the work started by comrade Roberto Mejía Alarcón will continue, pointing out that the strength of the ANP lies in the regions.

“They are the ones that give legitimacy to the union as a national movement,” she stressed, after highlighting that the ANP has a presence in 111 provinces of the country.

The highest leader of the ANP assured that her administration will continue to be a faithful watchdog of the ANP’s moral patrimony, as this distinguishes the union from any other institution.

“The ANP represents a journalism that is not subordinate and that is why the slogan of the Congress” Roberto Mejía Alarcón” is Always standing up,” she mentioned.

Recognition to Doctor Roberto Mejía Alarcón

During the ANP congress, the historical and noble work carried out by Doctor Roberto Mejía Alarcón as president of the ANP until 2021 was recognized in favour of the country’s social communicators, for the fulfilment of their labour rights, in addition to the training of new generations of press workers and union leaders.

Therefore, unanimously the ANP bases agreed that the XXVII Ordinary National Congress of Journalists Cajamarca 2021 of the ANP would bear the name of Roberto Mejía Alarcón.

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