The small „tribe“ of pessimists

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These are difficult times for everyone. The coronavirus pandemic worries most people, yet they do not encounter this with folded arms. They are complying with the recommendations of those responsible for defending and protecting life and health. The most recent opinion polls show that there is a positive and sacrificial current, different from the usual form of daily coexistence. It could be said that we have an optimistic, constructive people that listen and practice what is necessary in these circumstances. Positive communication goes from one to the other and multiplies effectively. The human being, in this specific case, of Peru, is giving way to the experience of other tragedies and reason to what has been experienced.

This reminds us of the patient studies of the memorable doctor and naturalist, Charles Darwin, the same one who travelled through South American lands in the first decades of the nineteenth century, in an unparalleled scientific effort. The research allowed him a formidable wealth of knowledge about the fauna, flora and geological conditions of tropical, subtropical and temperate climates. Such studies made possible the publication of his book: „The origin of species by natural selection“ and the affirmation of a deserved fame. Subsequently and within a logical controversy, he ratified his prestige with the presentation of his work: „The origin of man“. Here he explains that human beings descend from an inferior organism.

Darwin points out, in this last text, that the moral sense or conscience of the human being is „an elevated and complete feeling born out of social sentiments, strongly guided by the approval of our fellow men, regulated by reason and self-love“, stressing that there is a union between habit and instruction. He analyses and continues by pointing out: „It must not be forgotten that although a high standard of morality gives but a slight or no advantage to each individual man and his children over the other men of the same tribe, yet that an increase in the number of well-endowed men and an advancement in the standard of morality will certainly give an immense advantage to one tribe over another. A tribe including many members who, from possessing in a high degree the spirit of patriotism, fidelity, obedience, courage, and sympathy, were always ready to aid one another, and to sacrifice themselves for the common good, would be victorious over most other tribes; and this would be natural selection. At all times throughout the world tribes have supplanted other tribes; and as morality is one important element in their success, the standard of morality and the number of well-endowed men will thus everywhere tend to rise and increase“.

He said at the beginning of this note that our citizens have in the current circumstances, of a pandemic comparable perhaps to the „black plague“ of the fourteenth century, an exemplary and sacrificial behaviour. 97 percent agree with national and health emergency measures. He are assumed with great moral force and courage. However, there is a small margin of pessimistic, negative people, who see the world reversed. They always have a problem when a solution is proposed. They speculate that there will be a balance of 125 thousand deaths devastated by the virus, that it is necessary to adopt measures that do not affect the economy as much, such as, for example, labour standards, etc. In this small tribe of pessimists, there are those who dare to classify the president and the government, sometimes even paid, for encouraging the already known measures in favour of the lives of Peruvians. Likewise, those who demand transparency from the government and recognize that they are not prepared, at the same time they give free rein to their „creativity“, by letting us know that we are in the „era of moral blackmail“. This is because „I do and say what will make me look good to others.“

Of course, this reduced tribe of the species of human calamity, has the right to the freedom to express itself as they wish, but in response and with the same freedom, we paraphrase Charles Darwin, to tell them that they lack moral quality, to contradict what the vast majority of citizens thinks.. The wisdom of the people is evident.

By Roberto Mejía Alarcón
President ANP-Peru

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WOW was founded as a Social Christian trade union and finds inspiration in the spiritual believe that man and universe were created by God or by persuasions coinciding with that. The increase of intercultural contacts provided opportunities for the WOW to expand and broaden its view with visions of other religious backgrounds. WOW does so in a joint attempt to build a world community based on freedom, dignity, justice and solidarity.

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