Krifa has elected as new chairman

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At Krifa’s Congress, the delegates just elected Eik Dahl Bidstrup as the new chairman of Krifa and its more than 190,000 members. Additionally five main board members have been up for election.

On Friday 28 May 2021, a unanimous Congress, consisting of member-elected regional boards and the main board, voted for Eik Dahl Bidstrup as the new chairman of Krifa.

Eik Dahl Bidstrup was nominated as candidate by a unanimous decision of the main board back in February, and as the only candidate he has now been elected in a so-called ‘fredsvalg’ (peaceful election; uncontested election without voting ballots).

  • I am grateful that Krifa’s delegates shows me this confidence, and I look forward to getting started with the work in this passionate, forward-looking and people-centred work-life movement, the newly appointed Krifa chairman Eik Dahl Bidstrup says.
  • There is a need for a trade union that focuses not only on the rights of the individual employee, but just as much on their well-being and desire to work. I look forward to be leading that agenda together with Krifa’s many talented employees, he adds.

The 46-year-old Eik Dahl Bidstrup leaves the post as mayor of Dragør Municipality, which he has held for seven years. He has also chosen to resign from the Liberal Party, as political membership is not compatible with the role of chairman of the politically independent trade union and unemployment fund Krifa.

Retires after 20 years

Back in the spring of 2020, the now resigning chairman Søren Fibiger Olesen announced that he would not run again. He passes the baton after almost 20 years in the post.

  • It is of course sad to say goodbye to Krifa, the members and employees after so many good and exciting years. But I rest in my decision. It is time for new eyes and forces in the post, says a clearly affected Søren Fibiger Olesen to today’s Congress.
  • Krifa is in a good position, and I look forward to following the new chairman and the rest of the organization on the exciting journey towards becoming a work-life movement, he continues.

Election to the main board

At the Congress, which took place at the Trinity Hotel and Conference Center, other members were also elected to the Main Board. In addition to the chairman, Krifa’s main board consists of 10 members, and half of these have been up for election this year.

Krifa’s main board now consists of the following:

  • Eik Dahl Bidstrup, Dragør (newly elected chairman)
  • Linda Ernst Norn, Højbjerg (newly elected)
  • Gitte Krogh Nørgaard, Horsens (newly elected)
  • Mikael Arendt Laursen, Fredericia (re-elected)
  • Ib Hørup Søborg (re-elected)
  • Claus Munk-Rasmussen, Greve (re-elected)
  • Nicolai Mortensen, Silkeborg (not up for election this year)
  • Jacob Engmose Astrup, Frederiksberg (not up for election this year)
  • Sara Askholm, Aarhus (not up for election this year)
  • Tanya Sørensen, Kibæk (not up for election this year)
  • Esben Aabenhus, Aarhus (not up for election this year)

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