CIC congress in Oviedo re-elects president

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During a three-day congress of the Intersindical Confederation of Financial Institutions and Credits (Confederación Intersindical de Crédito – CIC) which took place in Oviedo, Spain from 15 – 17 May 2019, Gonzalo Postigo Zabay was re-elected as president for the next four years. The congress unanimously voted in favour of Gonzalo Postogo Zabay making this mandate his third after being elected first at the congress in Cordoba in 2011 and being re-elected at the congress in A Coruña in 2015. In addition to electing the president the congress also elected the new board for the next four years.

The Confederación Intersindical de Crédito – CIC is a national federation consisting of eleven unions in financial institutions. The CIC was founded in 1998 and the congress in Oviedo was the tenth of its kind.

Important items discussed during the congress were the manner of voting concerning the social elections. The main question was what implications it would have for people voting when this is done electronically. Particularly since this also implies less anonymity. Another important item was attracting more young people to the union. There is a European and even worldwide development that young people do not seem much interested in joining and committing themselves to the union. How to connect to them in the best way remains a question, but the Youth Section of the CIC promoted the incorporation of more young people in representative position. Thus making them more visible.

Another item of interest was the conservation and improvement of the existing organizational structure. Since the CIC consists of eleven different unions that sometimes work in the same regions it would be appropriate to better streamline the actions and activities. At times there is little exchange of information between the different organizations. Furthermore the brand CIC should be promoted more and better. This will then result in the member-organizations having the feeling that the CIC is their organization. Pivotal for the work it does.

The WOW congratulates Gonzalo Postigo Zabay and the board of the CIC with their (re)election.

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