Wayne Prins reelected as president of WOW

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During the 34th Congress of the World Organization of Workers (WOW), which took place in Vienna from June 1-3, 2022, Wayne Prins, executive director of CLAC (Christian Labour Association of Canada), was reelected to a second four-year term as president of WOW.

Founded in 1921, WOW is a global labour union federation with over 130 member-organizations worldwide in over 60 countries representing 1.2 million workers.

Prins began his career as a union representative in 2003 working in CLAC’s Fort McMurray Member Centre in Alberta. In 2010, he was appointed Alberta director. After completing his master of business administration degree from the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, he was appointed by the CLAC National Board as executive director in 2017.

Prins first became acquainted with WOW’s work when he accompanied Dick Heinen, CLAC’s previous executive director, to the WOW Congress in Frankfurt. He was immediately impressed and enthusiastic about the work of WOW.

His election as president of WOW in 2018 was the first time that WOW had a president who was not from Europe, which the organization considers a great advantage. Having a president from Canada with his qualities will move WOW further forward.

In addressing the Congress’s delegates, Prins said, “I am proud and honoured that you all have this much trust and confidence in me serving as president. Being the president of an organization like WOW, with such a long history, is really something extraordinary. I very much look forward to continuing our very fruitful cooperation!”

The World Board of WOW congratulates Prins on his reelection as president and wishes him much success in furthering the interests of workers around the world.

About WOW

WOW was founded as a Social Christian trade union and finds inspiration in the spiritual believe that man and universe were created by God or by persuasions coinciding with that. The increase of intercultural contacts provided opportunities for the WOW to expand and broaden its view with visions of other religious backgrounds. WOW does so in a joint attempt to build a world community based on freedom, dignity, justice and solidarity.

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