Jesús Barbosa, elected new president of the CIC

Jesús Barbosa has been elected this Wednesday as the new president of the Inter-Union Credit Confederation – CIC (Confederación Intersindical de Crédito) to replace Gonzalo Postigo, who has directed the organization for the last 12 years.

Barbosa, who until now had held the position of general secretary of the Suma+t union, was unanimously elected during the XI CIC Congress held in the town of Antequera, Malaga.

In his presentation, Jesús Barbosa set himself the main goal of turning the CIC into the first truly independent” trade union force within the Spanish financial sphere, “as the only way to fight against that other trade unionism that is ceding rights and that has led us to lose up to 20% of our purchasing power in recent years”.

Barbosa also recalled some of the main problems that affect bank employees, “such as unpaid overtime, endless working days and problems to reconcile, the loss of purchasing power to excessive commercial pressure with negative psychological consequences for people.

Change at the helm of the CIC, the union that led the Bankia case

Gonzalo Postigo leaves the presidency of the union after twelve years in which he has led investigations such as the ‘black’ cards, the Bankia case or the Braulio Medel cases.

Postigo, as president of the CIC, has led the fight against the directors of the old savings banks and their “criminal management”, a concept created by himself and which was picked up by journalists to echo the situation that led to the disappearance of the old savings entities. The legal actions launched by the CIC would be the reason for many of the explanations that Bankia executives had to give before the courts or the departure of other executives such as the president of Unicaja, Braulio Medel. Postigo was also behind the imputation board of directors of the Bank of Spain for its breaches in its work of supervision of the savings banks. Postigo also participated in the Commission of Investigation launched in the Congress of Deputies to investigate this “criminal management” of the savings banks.

In his farewell speech, Gonzalo Postigo has criticized the trade unionism that has been capable of giving up rights, in exchange of privileges. “Unfortunately, before we fought to get some labour rights that belonged to us and, now, because of the misunderstood unionism of some, instead of fighting to get more rights, we are forced to fight to retain the rights that we lost and to fight for the recovery of rights that have been taken from us”, he lamented.

The World Organization of Workers (WOW) congratulates Jesús Barbosa on his election as president of the CIC.

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